About Accommodation

What are the check-in and check-out times?
Check-in is at 15:00 and check-out is by 11:00.
Please tell me about the prices for children.
Children of elementary school age (those with bedding and meals) - - - 70% of Adult price
Infant (those with bedding and meals) ※ From 3 years old to a preschooler - - - 50% of Adult price
Baby (with no bedding and no meal) ※ From 0 years old to less than 3 years old - - - 2,700 JPY
Can I stay over with my pet?
We are sorry, but you cannot stay with your pet.
I would like to call an acquaintance to have a meal together during my stay.
Yes, plesae contact us as early as possible to ensure provisions.
I want to celebrate the 60th birthday of parent(s).
We can arrange celebratory cake and flowers. Please contact us for details.
I would like to hold a class reunion.
We will assist the organizer according to your party's budget. Please contact us for details.

About Rooms

Can you see the valley from the rooms?
Yes, all of our rooms face the valley, so you can enjoy the beauty of the valley in each season.
Are there Western-style rooms (rooms with beds)?
Beds are available for Premium Suite, Japanese-Western Style, Comfort Spa (Western-style), and Western-style Twin Rooms.
Do you offer any barrier-free rooms?
Sorry, but we do not offer barrier-free designated rooms. There are small steps in the entrances and edges of all rooms.
Are there rooms with an open-air bath?
All room baths are not hot springwater. Only Premium Suite rooms offer hot spring source water in a Japanese cypress wood bath.
Can I use the Internet in my room?
Free Wi-Fi is available in all guest rooms and "Kamuri" Lounge.

About Meals

Is it possible to order meals for toddlers?
We arrange separate orders. Please inquire about dinner/breakfast sets or dinner only.
Are breakfast and dinner buffet-style at the restaurant?
We offer Japnese traditional-course meals for dinner and a Japanese set menu for breakfast. Depending on the accommodation plan, meal locations are prepared at the restaurants (Restaurant "Ichijo-tei" or Japanese Restaurant "Senshin").
I have food allergies. Can you accommodate me?
Yes, it is possible to request only specific ingredients to be used. We may not be able to provide particular seasonings.
What happens if I prefer not to have dinner (breakfast)?
The hotel fee is based on two meals per stay (dinner and breakfast), but it is also possible to accommodate requests for one night with breakfast (no dinner). Please contact us for details. However, we may not be able to respond to requests for meal changes or other provisions immediately prior to your stay.

About Bathing

Does the hot spring flow directly from the source?
The hotel's hot spring flows directly from the source. However, since the original temperature is 70℃, water is added.
Is the large public bath area open 24 hours?
Bathing hours are from 13:00 to 03:00 and from 04:00 to 10:00. You are able to enjoy both bath areas as the men's and women's are swapped in the early morning.
Do you offer one-day hot spring bathing (for people who do not stay overnight)?
Yes, it is open from 13:00 to 19:00 (the last reception is 18:00).
Is there a sauna?
Yes, we offer a "streaming bath" using the original source spring water at a 75℃ temperature to steam. Sweat comes out of the skin easily, so it is recommended for those who have a low tolerance to high-temp saunas. This new bathing method allows you to breathe steam from the natural hot spring, and it is effective for asthma and rhinitis.
I am concerned about Legionella bacteria.
The hotel adds a prescribed amount of medicine to the bathing holes under the guidance of Sapporo City Public Health Center. Please be assured that the bath water is inspected regularly for its safety.
I want to wear a bathing suit because I have a post-surgery scar.
Yes, it is permissible. As there are no rental bathing suits, please bring your own.
Is it possible to take a bath using a wheelchair?
We are sorry, but you cannot enter the baths using a wheelchair. There are steps between the public bath area entrance and bathing facilities, so you will need someone to accompany and assist you.
Are there towels in the large public bath area?
Please bring the face towel and the bath towel from your room to large public bath area.

About Transportation

Is there a pick-up service?
We are very sorry, but we do not offer a shuttle bus at this location. Please use public transportation or car.
What should I do if I go by car?
The distance is about 26 km from the city center via National Route 230. From the direction of Hakodate / New Chitose Airport, get off at Hokkaido Expressway Kitahiroshima IC. From the direction of Asahikawa, get off at Sapporo Kita IC via Hokkaido Expressway / Sasson Expressway. And from the direction of Otaru, use Hokkaido Route 1. For further details, please contact us.
Please advise me how to use public transportation coming from Sapporo Station.
From the Sapporo Station bus terminal, there is a "Jozankei Onsen" route bus (Jotetsu Bus, approx. 90 minutes) and an intercity bus to "Toyako Onsen" (Donan Bus, approx. 50 minutes, reservation required). There is also a local bus (Jotetsu Bus, approx. 50 minutes) from Makomanai Station of the city subway (via Namboku Line).
Please tell me how to use public transportation coming from New Chitose Airport.
There is a direct route bus from the airport to Jozankei Onsen. It is convenient to go to Sapporo Station one time using a JR train or express bus and then transfer further.

About Facilities / Equipment

Is there parking at the hotel?
Yes, there is a capacity for 40 vehicles. (Outdoor / Free)
Does the hotel have wheelchairs?
We have 2 wheelchairs available in the front lobby.
Is there a private bath that the whole family can enjoy together?
We are sorry, but we do not offer family or private reservation baths.
Does the hotel have a game room?
At this time, we do not have any game room facilities.
Is there any accessible restroom for disabled persons in the hotel?
There is no multi-purpose toilet on the premises.

About Payment

Can I pay by credit card?
Certainly. You can use cards such as Visa, JCB, MasterCard, AmEx, DC, Diners, UC, MC, Saison, and Nippon Shinpan. You may also use Union pay.
When I made my reservation, I selected the "online credit payment" option. Can I get a receipt upon check-out?
If you have chosen the "online credit payment", you can access the JTB Book & Pay Customer My Page to get a receipt.
I would like to pay for my accommodations in advance as I'm bringing my parents along.
We accept advanced payment. Please contact us for bank account and other related details.


I'm travelling to Hokkaido (Jozankei Onsen) for the first time. Should I be concerned about anything for clothing?
Please check the forecasts for weather and temperature prior to your visit. Even during summer there is a significant difference between morning and evening, so it recommended that you bring a jacket or windbreaker.
Is there a hospital at Jozankei Onsen?
There is a general hospital located in Jozankei.
I'd like to forward my luggage in advance.
We can accept your luggage prior to your stay, but please contact us with advanced notice.

Sightseeing Areas Around the Hotel

Please tell me about the ski area(s) near the hotel.
Approximately 30 minutes by car, you can access the largest ski area within the Sapporo limits called "Sapporo Kokusai Ski-Jo" ("Sapporo International Ski Slopes").
Are there any orchards for fruit-picking?
Yes, there are various orchards between 5 to 15 minutes by car.
Is there any place for mountain climbing around?
For hiking, Asahidake (598 meters) and Yuhidake (594 meters) are recommended. For a more intermediate range, Sapporo-dake, Muine-yama and Soranuma-dake are advised.
Do any places offer canoeing?
Yes, canoeing can be reserved about 5 minutes away by car (only offered in summer). Please contact the Tourist Association for details.
Are there any other recreation spots?
Please refer to the Jozankei Tourist Association for further details.